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Bringing the ability to recognize space equal to or better than humans to society

We, Tengun-label, are a group of engineers specializing in various sensing and data analysis such as AI and 3D image processing.

We believe that the computer world needs to have the same spatial information as the world we humans recognize in order to better support society with advanced technology. And that is possible by recognizing the real world in the computer world using various sensing and data analysis technologies.


Point clouds (Point Cloud Data) are the most primitive information in 3D spatial recognition, and their accumulation enables higher-order spatial recognition by 4D with a time axis and various information possessed by light. I will. We believe that Tengun is the key to developing the world.


We want to be like a "label" where each person can leverage their individual strengths and create each and every solution to others like a "technical session." ..


Tengun-label philosophy

Realize "coexistence of world and technology".

"Reconstruction of spatial information" x "recognition"

Create technology that coexists with people in society.

A "technical session" opens up new territory.


About Us

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  • Tengun-label 岩澤 秀樹

[company name]

Tengun-label Co., Ltd.


Room 1014, 4-31-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

[Establishment date]

July 15, 2020


Representative Director Hideki Iwasawa Director Kainuma Tsuneto

[Business description]

3D point cloud data utilization consulting.

Point cloud data processing using AI, algorithm construction and system development using 3D point cloud data analysis technology, production and consulting of media art works using data science.

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