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Employment information

Tengun-label is a group of engineers specializing in various sensing and data analysis such as AI and 3D image processing. We are developing our business with the mission of "creating completely new communication in the real world by utilizing advanced 3D technology." We are looking for R & D engineers for AI, 3D point cloud processing, and self-propelled robots, and visual kei development engineers for business expansion. I hope I can spend time with as many friends as possible.

Tengun-label Co., Ltd. Hideki Iwasawa

Born in 1982, from Kagawa Prefecture.

Since becoming independent as a freelance software engineer in 2012,Engaged in research and development with the theme of 3D space recognition, and is active in specialized fields such as real-time free-viewpoint video systems, SLAM, robotics, and 3D posture analysis.

In 2020, Tengun-label was established to research and provide advanced technology utilizing 3D point cloud data as a service.

In recent years, he has also been producing interactive, experimental artworks based on computer science.

​ If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Tengun-label_岩澤 秀樹


Notice from Tengun-label

We are currently recruiting for the following positions. Please see each page for details.

◉ Friday, September 16, 2022

I will participate in the Tokyo joint job interview.

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​ Tokyo convenient job interview

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​ [Tengun-label introduction video]

[Tengun-label introduction page]

We look forward to seeing you there.

I'm doing this

Business content


A group of engineers specializing in various sensing and data analysis, including AI and 3D image processing.

That is the Tengun-label.The theme we are advocating is "a spirit of inquiry that never gets tired".

The fields in which we operate are cutting-edge fields. Sometimes unprecedented challenges await.

However, in other words, it can be said that the field that can be opened up with free thinking and an insatiable spirit of inquiry is expanding in front of us.

And I would like to support engineers who are full of such a challenging spirit.In particular, it has one of the best achievements in the 3D field.Those who want to devote themselves to this genre will find it rewarding.

【​Work example】

  • In-house development of SLAM (self-position estimation and mapping using sensors).

  • In-house development of autonomously driven robot.

  • SLAM of a major camera manufacturer and development of 3D point cloud processing system.

  • Application development using attitude analysis of major entertainment companies.

  • Self-position estimation development of construction equipment manufacturer.

  • Development of commercial measurement application for major home appliance manufacturers.

  • Facial expression analysis using 3D processing by a major cosmetics manufacturer.

【Technology introduction video】


【Media art that makes full use of the technology we have cultivated】


【Work PV】

Using the entire Shiramine village in Ishikawa prefecture, he created an interactive experimental art work Sphere T01 based on an AI algorithm. Collecting sounds with locals under the theme of memorable town sounds.

The sound expresses how the city changes as people and residents mix with each other. The purpose of the spherical work, which has the sound as a memory of the place, is to recognize changes in people and the environment in real time, change the sound and output it, so that the real city will change toward the future through the work. We are making things that have social significance.

In addition to these projects, we plan to actively provide technology to the entertainment field and expand overseas businesses.

Reason to do

Significance and value of existence


"Creating rich communication with technology"

We would like to create completely new communication in the real world by utilizing the 3D advanced technology that we are researching and developing.

for example)

  • Using a tactile technology called haptics, even though it is a videophone, it shakes hands with the other party as if they were next to each other. 

  • People who are sick and have to stay at home can use remote-controlled robots to travel abroad with the immersiveness of being truly traveling.

  • Watch sports broadcasts while changing your perspective.

  • Development of autonomously driven robots in various dynamically changing environments.

It's like a dream story. This was thought to be possible by making full use of advanced 3D technology and maximizing the accuracy and transmission of information.

We believe that by utilizing 3D advanced technology in the real world and creating new means of communication in this way, human beings will acquire something close to a new sense and a new culture will be born.

Our efforts

Office environment / system


【What is important】

①Actively share technology with members and partners.

The members are friendly and have an in-house culture of following each other and helping each other to solve problems.

As for projects, we share information within the team and select and acquire projects that are likely to have a synergistic effect.

②An environment that makes it easy to get into work.

Regarding our own development environment, we have introduced a PC with excellent portable specifications so that we do not have to worry about machine specifications. If you build a high-spec workstation environment on the cloud and have a power supply and W-IFI wherever you are, you can work in a good environment anywhere.

In this way, we are in an environment where 3D point cloud technology can easily grow in terms of both human resources and the environment.

【Office environment / in-house system】

Since it is a venture company that has just been founded, there seems to be rules, and there is no clear one.

I would like those who will work with me to become startup members who will create rules together on a case-by-case basis.

The office is located in Nishi-Shinjuku, and you can use the full office environment of the group companies. And we have introduced "remote work" according to the project and the skill of the person.

Job information

Recruitment contents

We are looking for friends who can grow together.

Would you like to build a career together with Tengun-label, which specializes in 3D?

【Business content】

  • Data analysis using 3D point cloud.

  • Data analysis and research and development by AI algorithm using 3D data.

  • 3D point cloud data processing using sensors (depth sensor, rider, IMU).


【Inexperienced consultation possible】Algorithm development for 3D point cloud data, etc.

※Emphasis is placed on the experience of experimental design and treatise reading in the field of computer science rather than years of experience in PG.

  • In-house development of SLAM (self-position estimation and mapping using sensors).

  • In-house development of autonomously driven robot.

  • SLAM and 3rd point cloud processing of major camera manufacturers.

  • Application development using attitude analysis by AI of a major entertainment company.

  • Self-position estimation development of construction equipment manufacturer.

【Occupation】Research and development (software)

【Industry】System Network Integrator / Software House

【Required skills】We are recruiting jobs in ① or ② below.

①Recruitment of R & D personnel

  • Knowledge of linear algebra (those who have knowledge of rigid transformation and linear transformation in 3D space).

  • 3 years or more of python or C + development experience.

  • Interest in Computer Vision, Robotics, Posture Estimate, Semantic Segmentation, SLAM, 3D Reconstruction, Deep Learning, Quantum Annealing.

②Recruitment of Visual Development Engineer

  • Over 3 years of development experience with Unreal Engine or Houdini (more evaluation if you have C ++ experience).

※Those who are also interested in applications in the field of robotics.

※Those who have knowledge about linear algebra (rigid transformation in 3D space, linear transformation, etc.).

【Welcome skills】

  • /Computer Vision/ROS / OPEN 3D / PCL / OPEN CV / TensorFlow / PyTorch / GAZEBO / ISAAC / AirSim /Unreal Engine/AWS/Experienced in any algorithm development using quantum annealing.

  • Experienced in object recognition, attitude estimation, multi-object tracking, semantic segmentation, SLAM, DeepLearning, or 3D Reconstruction.

【I want to work with such a person】

  • Inquisitive person.

  • Those who can propose experimental methods and make experimental plans. 

  • Those who can always be aware of the achievement of their goals.

【Employment status】Full-time employee / outsourcing / part-time job

Application Form

If you would like to apply and select documents, please use the form below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Tengun-label Co., Ltd.

[Main office]

Room 1014, 4-31-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

[Branch office]

6-6-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo New International Building 4F


Attach resume (File)
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[Transmission completed] Thank you for contacting us.

After confirmation, we will contact you shortly.

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