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Participation in the "Disaster Prevention Consortium (CORE)" and full-scale start

Tengun-label Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, President: Hideki Iwasawa) will participate in the "Disaster Prevention Consortium (CORE)" consisting of companies and organizations from a wide variety of industries that transcend industry boundaries from April 2022. I will do it. The consortium aims to co-create disaster prevention and mitigation projects utilizing the technologies and data possessed by each corporation, collaborates with the national and local governments, and has four elements related to disaster prevention and mitigation (understanding the current situation, implementing measures, evacuation, and rebuilding lives). By working on the sophistication of), we will contribute to the "building of a strong society" that can withstand disasters.

1. Background / Society to aim for It is said that the natural disasters that have become more severe in recent years have caused great damage nationwide, resulting in the loss of precious human lives and the economic loss of 20 trillion yen in the last 10 years. On the other hand, technological innovation has advanced "disaster prevention and mitigation measures", and the means to build a "strong society" have become clear. This consortium regards disasters as "social phenomena (necessary)" rather than "natural phenomena (accidental)", works on "disaster prevention and mitigation" with all technologies, and realizes "building a strong society" to address social issues. Aim for a solution. 2. Purpose ・ By combining the various strengths and data of participating corporations, we will continue to work together with the public and private sectors toward “building a strong society” in line with the Basic Plan for National Resilience (promotion of 5-year acceleration measures). To execute. -Creating new business models and business opportunities by utilizing disaster risk data and research results obtained from the consortium.

Disaster prevention consortium (CORE) portal site:

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